Baudains Art Conservation is all about PRESERVATION, CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION of works of art on paper.

Treatment plans for works of art on paper range from simple but important PRESERVATION work which sees the work ‘housed’ in the correct conservation (acid-free) mount board, backing and UV protective glass (especially good for water-colours hung in sunlight rooms) and the removal of all degrading materials, to full RESTORATION work which will include a chemical treatment and some retouching work even if it is one brush stroke of colour or a few millimetres of graphite it is intervention with the artists’ original work.  However, restoration can be frowned upon in some Museums and highly revered places such as The Sistine Chapel! But actually, retouching a picture even on a minuscule scale, can make the world of difference in looking at the work and retouching is, sensibly, widely acceptable in private and commercial practice.

CONSERVATION is more regular and often used in Baudains Art Conservation.  Conservation consists of cleaning the paper only without retouching.  The cleaning process starts with the removal of surface deposits, then dry cleaning and then onto humidification before a washing treatment followed if required, by a mild bleaching treatment which removes stubborn staining such as old mould spore staining which is more commonly known as ‘foxing’, where the paper has literally become covered in a rash of brown spots.

INTERESTING FACT ….When Lord Carnavon and his team first entered the Egytian Tombs it is said that some people died or became ill from the entering the Tombs and the legend of the Curse of the Tombs began.  However, it was later proved that actually ‘Mould spores’ were rife in the tombs and some spores were revived on contact with fresh oxygen and they were very unhealthy to breathe in in such large quantities. 

There are thousands of types of Moulds and spores in existence and Lisa rarely works with live moulds but when she does - health and safety procedures follow– in the first place a face mask is essential.