IMG_1432.JPGLisa gained a Post Graduate Diploma at the Courtauld Institute of Art in 2001 after a years full time study there in the History of Art.   Earlier, she trained for three years, again in full-time education at Camberwell College of Arts and Crafts, also in London.  She graduated in 1994 with a BA (hons) degree in Paper Conservation after choosing to specialise in conserving 'flat works' of Art on Paper. 

Lisa later attended a short course at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2005 on the conservation of Indian Miniatures.  She has also attended international conferences on Paper Conservation in Chicago, Toronto and London.

After Camberwell she gained much valuable experience working for Keith Holmes - conservator to the Imperial War Museum and The Science Museum in London before returning to Jersey to set up her own practice in St. Peter’s in 1995.   

Lisa spent several years conserving and restoring a range of works of art on paper, from Old Master drawings to Modern works of art. Then in the year 2000 she returned to full-time education for a year, to study at the Courtauld Institute of Art where she studied the History of Western Art.  Lisa then gained her Postgraduate Diploma from the Courtauld, in 2001, after specialising in Dutch 17th Century Art and Post Modern American Art.

Having a degree in paper conservation and a postgraduate diploma in the history of art as well as many years of experience in conservation and restoration work, Lisa has a good combination of knowledge and skills to handle the work she receives  for Conservation and Restoration.   As she understands the science and nature of the paper she is treating.  She can also identify the media or pigments used by the artist as well as recognising the historical context in which the artist was working. 

Lisa has worked on a range or artists’ work including, Arbuthnot, Blampied, Bosdet, Claude Cahun, David Cox (senior), Girtin, Herring, Le Capelain, Millais, Miro, Picasso, Hirst, Hockney, Sands, Sutherland, Rembrandt, Tiepolo, Peter Le Lievre and John Singer Sargent.

Her clients include private individuals, collectors and art dealers from London and Jersey, Jersey Heritage  and The Guernsey Museum and well as Public organisations, such the Town Hall in Jersey and the Constables’ Offices of St Peter Port in Guernsey.

Current Work

Lisa is currently working on a collection of watercolours and drawings from the Guernsey Museum as well as various works of art on paper from private collections. 

Recent Work

Lisa has recently worked on Edmund Blampied pictures in the Jersey Heritage collection which are currently on show at the Jersey Museum until the end of 2016. 

Talks and Presentations

Lisa has given a talk and presentation at the Guernsey Museum on the conservation of their collection of Le Lievres. She has also been giving a series of talks and presentations at the Jersey Museum on Blampied the artist and the conservation work she has done on some of the pictures in the collection.  She was later invited by Heritage to give the same talk and presentation to guests from Locate Jersey at a social event recently held at the Jersey Museum.

Lisa also lecture on the History of Art at the Jersey Arts Centre at evening class where she shares her knowledge from the Courtauld Institute of Art.

Please see Jersey Heritage website or click on the link to see Lisa talking about the artist Edmund Blampied and conservation.


Interesting Projects

Lisa's other recent work includes an interesting project from the Constables of St Peter Port to conserve and restore a large section of antique wallpaper pre-dating 1891. 

(See photo here of Lisa about to start dry cleaning)

The wallpaper was discovered in the Constables Offices in Guernsey - a period building which was built in 1761 - while the building was being renovated and restored.  We believe the wallpaper may be as old as the house! It's now being researched and we hope to find some clues to take us back to the maker and date.


(please see a photograph showing a detail of the design here)