IMG_1432.JPGLisa Oxenden-Wray studied full-time for a year at the Courtauld Institute of Art (pictured below) where she gained a Post Graduate Diploma in the History of Art in 2001.

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Earlier, Lisa studied the Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art on Paper - full-time for 3 years - at Camberwell College of Arts and Crafts (pictured below).    She graduated in 1994 with a BA (hons) Degree in Paper Conservation.

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Following her Degree course Lisa gained valuable experience in volunteering in Conservation Studios during the holidays.  One voluntary position was Book Refurbishment at Jesus College Library at Oxford University over Easter.  Lisa enjoyed staying in the Oxford Halls of Residence and breakfasting in the Great Hall!  She later gained more practical experience working a SUMMER for Bates & Baskcomb in Batteresea, London. 

Ultimately, her first actual Employment as an Assistant Paper Conservator at Keith Homes, in London, the Conservators to the Imperial War Museum and Science Museum was where Lisa was further specially trained in the Art of Conserving and Restoring Works of Art on Paper.  Her first assignment was the Dry Cleaning of the original drawings by Charles Babbage of his special Designs and calculations of Mathematical tables for the worlds first calculator. 

Working for Keith Holmes Conservation Studio gave Lisa the confidence and knowledge she needed to set -up her own Practice.  Which she did in 1996 in St Peters, Jersey.  (pictured in her first studio below). 

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Lisa kept up to date with developments in Conservation techniques, materials and disciplines by attending International conferences in Chicago, Toronto and London.

Lisa also continued to study Conservation and attended a course on the Conservation of Indian Miniatures at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2005.  

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Since 1994 Lisa has conserved and restored a range of interesting and valuable works of art on paper including pictures by the following artists:

Pablo Picasso

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Claude Cahun

Dame Elizabeth Frink

Joan Miro

David Hockney

David Cox

Helen Allingham

Copley Fielding

Andy Warhol


John Singer Sargeant

John Everett Millais

Peter Le Lievre

Edmund Blampied

Frederick Sands

Claude Francis Barry

Jean Le Capelain

Laurence Stephen Lowry



 Lisa understands the Science, Art and History of the picture she is treating.  She can also identify the media or pigments used by the artist.   Most important of all is her ability to recognise the ARTISTS INTENTION. 

Her second Degree - a Postgraduate Diploma in the History of Art helps her place the artwork in its historical context.   

Now in the 2023 she is happy to show her life time of dedication to the Art and Craft of the Conservation of Works of Art on Paper.  And her love of the History of Art and Art.

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Born in 1967 in Jersey to young parents with JERSEY, FRENCH, SWISS and ENGLISH ancestry, Lisa believes her meticulous skill and Precision in her Conservation work can be owed to her Swiss Grandmother (from Neuchatel, Switzerland).

As a teenager, Lisa's friends had suggested a career in Fashion Modelling but this was not meant to be.  She was brutally knocked down by a Car at an unfortunate crossing on Victoria Avenue in Jersey when she was 17 years old.  One of the injuries was facial -  a "hair-line" fractured cheekbone which left a scar and took years to fade - the camera would always see it. 

Lisa then later travelled to Canada and spent a year in Toronto then moved to London.  Then returned to Jersey where she worked for a local Art Gallery.   This environment reset her interests in Art alive again  - (having had parents often visiting Antiques shops and with her own love of painting in her childhood).   

She then took and an A' Level in the History of Art and worked for an Oil/Easel Paintings Restorer  (Ian Rolls Easel Paintings Conservation) together with her employment at the Art Gallery.   Lisa was told about the Paper Conservation course at Camberwell and encouraged to take the Degree - which she did and the rest is History!

blampied newspaper story.JPG

The Preservation of a rare and valuable 16th century document on Vellum signed by King Henry VIII between 1509 and 1547 was a special commission. (pictured below) 

The work involved extensive and extremely delicate cleaning.  Removing 4 Centuries of layers of surface dirt and grime.  And, then relaxing the centuries old creases and folds without disturbing the exquisitely beautiful Latin writing in fugitive ink with the Kings signature in the top right area.  


Another interesting and rare document signed by Queen Victoria - top left corner - (pictured below) was also cleaned by Lisa. She has also preserved a personal letter signed by Napoleon Bonoparte and a Presidential document signed by Abraham Lincoln. 

queen victoria documentIMG_2973.JPG

Lisa Conserving a section of Antique Wallpaper 

IMG_4708 (2).JPG

Talks and Presentations

Lisa has given a Talk and Presentation at the Guernsey Museum on her Conservation work of their collection of Le Lievres watercolours.

She has also presented a series of talks for Jersey Heritage on her Conservation of their Edmund Blampied collection.

Lisa also enjoys presenting lectures on the History of Art in Jersey.  She lectures to Adults at the Jersey Arts Centre and at Jersey Girls College and Victoria College to Sixth Form students.

The History of Art Explained  IMG-7881.jpg

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Please see Jersey Heritage website or click on the link to see Lisa talking about the artist Edmund Blampied and her Conservation work.

Other projects include working in-situ at the Guernsey Museum on a collection of antique Japanese decorated Screens thought to be 19th century.  See newspaper features here:

newspaper cutting - MG_8703.JPG newspaper IMG_8702.jpg


newspaper cutting IMG_8704.jpg

Interesting projects include the cleaning and preservation of a beautiful section of antique wall paper in a period  Mansion House where Constables the offices of St Peter Port  are in Guernsey. 

The Wallpaper remnant was discovered during renovation behind a large Safe.  The Safe was used for valuables and coincidentally it had protected this remaining section of Wall Paper from deterioration by protecting it from light damage and hiding it!   

It's thought to be 18th or 19th century. Certainly it pre-dates 1891 when the Safe was installed and the house was built in 1761 - so the wallpaper must date between 18th or 19th century. 

A research project still in progress.  Any knowledge would be welcome.




When Lisa's not Conserving works of Art or Lecturing on the History of Art she loves to spend time at St Ouens Beach in Jersey with her very much loved family.


Having a baby (Luke) at the age of 41 was the best thing ever for Lisa.  As well as following her true path with Art Conservation and Art History, motherhood and marriage in her Forties has been amazing!