Preservation – Dry cleaning and the removal of degrading tapes and mount board and poor quality backing materials.  Includes: ‘re-housing’ - mounting and framing to conservation standard – the instant prevention of further deterioration. UV  Filter glass is recommended to prevent the fading of water colours in sunlit rooms.

Conservation – Includes the above preservation treatment plus the removal of poor quality backing material and facing papers. Followed by water cleaning treatments to suit the work being treated - this can be full immersion, float washing or blotter washing.  Gentle cleansing removes the effects of deterioration. If required, the washing process can be followed by a light chemical treatment designed to lighten stains such as 'foxing' whilst simultaneously re-strengthening the paper fibres.

Restoration – Restoring your work back to the artist’s original intention. Lisa is sensitive to 'over restoration work' and will manage the degree of restoration work carried out to prevent your art work reaching a ‘brand’ new look.  She is in more in favour of a clean but antique look, especially if your work of art was made over over a century ago.

Please note, while Lisa does undertake restoration work she is not obliged to 're-work' large areas of media loss and it will be to her discretion as to whether any requests for intervention is ethical or not.

Other Services available:

Research work.

Baudains Art Conservation can help you authenticate and date your work of art.  As Lisa also studied the History of Art at the Courtauld Institute of Art and gained her Post Graduate Diploma in 2001. This provided her with a grounding for research of which she has some good experience.   She has used the British Library as well as the Tate Archives, British Museum Print Room amongst other Libraries to identify works of art.  She has also corresponded with professors and experts who would be responsible for authenticating a well known artist.

Insurance valuations

Estimates can be provided for Conservation and Restoration work.


Baudains Art Conservation can help you to value your art work by recommending art dealers and representatives of major auction houses or through their own research work for current market value and insurance purposes.

Recommends Oil Paintings Restorer Nigel Blower

Should you require an easel paintings conservator Baudains Art Conservation recommends Nigel Blower BA Dip. Cons.  Nigel specialises in the conservation and restoration of oil paintings on canvas  and panel.  He works from his studio in Somerset near Castle Cary in South West England.  Please see his website here:


DISCLAIMER:  All works should be insured by the client for travel and fire, theft and flood damage under the ‘goods in trust’ insurance and all work carried out by Baudains Art Conservation is at the owner’s risk.